Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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      They say to be a successful author, you have to build your brand.  I'm vaguely aware of what that trendy marketing set of buzzwords means, but I know that I need an easy and not-too-annoying way to keep readers informed about the books I'm working on.

     So beginning in May, I'll be releasing a newsletter via e-mail.  I have several projects in the pipeline right now, and I'll never quit my day job if no one even knows what books I've written!
     For example, THE INFINITE LEAGUE will be coming out in September.  And also this year, I have a graphic novel project (fully colored) is coming out in December in conjunction with Kickstarter.  In 2018, I have a new novel called THE BARREN DAGGER, as well as a book of humorous true-life stories and anecdotes that's absolutely perfect for reading on the crapper.
      Beyond that, I'm kicking around an idea for a Choose Your Own Adventure book for grown-up children who liked those sort of things back in the day, a different comic project if the upcoming Kickstarter campaign works out, and a fifth novel that I'm starting to put together.

     The point is, I'm aiming to have a new book out every six months.  As much as I generally hate being assaulted with e-mails like anyone else, it really remains one of the best ways to keep my readers informed.  So if you'd like to sign up for my newsletter, here's what you get:

#1.    Only two newsletters a month.   I promise.    I hate tons of junk mail, and I don't want to unnecessarily add to yours!

#2.     One newsletter will be an update about upcoming projects, cover reveals, sample chapters, and a chance to answer any questions.    The other will be news about a monthly contest to win free copies of one of the books in my library.  In fact, I'm giving away a copy of THE KING'S TOURNAMENT to one random friendly face who signs up for my newsletter before the end of the month!  Be sure to fill out all the questions, your information helps me a lot!

#3.     If you are a subscriber, you will receive 20% off pre-orders for all future releases.  So if you don't want to pay the full $15 for THE INFINITE LEAGUE when it comes out in September? Bam! Problem solved.  Just $12 for you. 

Okay, so thanks for bearing with me while I use my blog to pimp my wares.  I promise next installment I'll have more funny stuff to share.   In the meantime, just click right HERE to fill out the newsletter sign-up, and keep an eye on your e-mail box for stuff that I'm writing, developing and selling.  And thanks so much!!

John Yeo Jr. is the author of THE KING'S TOURNAMENT and MAMA SAUVETERRE'S CURIOSITY SHOPPE.  His next novel, THE INFINITE LEAGUE is coming in September.
You can check out his novels, graphic novels and artwork by visiting www.yeoniverse.com


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