Sunday, April 9, 2017

In memory of a friend

       This isn’t easy to talk about, but I really needed to take a few moments to say some kind words about a very good friend that I lost this weekend.  It hurts a bit, but we all knew this day was coming.


       He was only in my life for a couple of months now, but the bond between us was tangible and deep.
       Not only was he much loved by myself, but my entire family accepted him as a very old friend that we never wanted to say good-bye too.  And although we knew, when he came into our lives, that our time together might be brief, we had hoped to have him around for a little bit longer.  I mean, at least until July or August or so.  At least until May, so I could have gone to C2E2.
       He was there for us when our family went out to Sunday night movie nights, or when my buddies got together on Sunday for a game of Cards Against Humanity.  And who could forget the times he joined us for Friday night Netflix & Chill sessions.

       But he’s gone now, and we’ll just have to remember the good times more than the sad times without him that lay ahead.

       So farewell to you, my good friend Daytime-Shift with Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays off.   Or, as I affectionately called you, The Sweet Schedule.  I’ve been promoted, and since I’m at the bottom of the seniority list for Floor Supervisors, I’ll be heading to Graveyard Shift with Mondays and Tuesdays off.  You’ve been a good friend, Sweet Schedule, but I’m sure we’ll see each other again.

       Probably in 2022, more than likely.  And hey, maybe I’ll be a best selling author by then and I can stay home every day.  But for now, dear friend.  I shall miss you, more than you can possibly know.  It’s going to be tough seeing you with another person, but at least I had you in my life for a short time.  We’ll always have our memories. I’ll leave your tapes and clothes and shit on your porch next week.  Pleaes don’t call, I just want to make a clean break and move on with my life.  I know you’ll understand.

       Never good-bye.  Just….see you later.

       * choke *

John Yeo Jr. is the author of The King's Tournament and Mama Sauveterre's Curiosity Shoppe.   Both of which you can buy on Amazon as a paperback or in digital copy.   His next book, The Infinite League, arrives in September.  You can follow him on Twitter and

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